Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August 8, 2017

Hello Guys,

 You know, I have no idea where this year has slipped away to.  The days have just kind of crept on by.  With so many important things that have happened and though it seems like it just begun this year is over half gone.  I don't know where I kept the time but it has seem to have kept me.  Since I was on the computer kind of updating something I decided to pop on over and say hey to you guys.

Of course, my hey is without purpose as usual.  Just me rambling about with no real purpose or story in the world.  When I am not in front of a computer screen I seem to know exactly what it is I want to tell you guys about along with many fantastic ideas, however, when I am sitting right here in front of the computer screen my mind seems unable to relocate all those wonderful thoughts and ideas.

Seeing how the year is already over half over(I'm normally an optimist) I will make a better effort to invest more time in my blog.

In the meantime I do hope everyone is having a good night(or if you are reading this during the day a good day).

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