Wednesday, June 8, 2016

There was a teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in Walmart

Hello Again,
So I know it isn't the very next day since I did my last blog but it is only a few days after so I applaud myself.  Normally it's a few months after between blog entries so I would say I am doing pretty good.

So I was in Walmart Friday night and there was this little boy just running around and having a good time in a mask.  You wouldn't believe it.  I manage to get a picture of him from the back...

right before I got a picture from the front.  

because he was my little boy.  He was being a teenage mutant ninja turtle.  

 No merchandise was damaged during the taking of these pictures and we had a good time.  Which is what is important.  Next time your shopping and your kid is laughing and being loud and some random person who thinks they know everything is there watching in disgrace (because they are at such an elegant store such as Walmart) do me a favor and join in with your kid.  Why?  Because they are just this age once and you rather remember irritating rude individuals having fun with your kid then shopping trips being a nightmare because your kid was all happy and didn't know not to laugh too loud.  

And I'm not telling you to let your children damage merchandise and steal and punch people.  I'm saying there's a difference in having fun. being too strict, and knowing when you need to step in so things don't go too far.

*By the way this nice outfit he's having so much fun in was bought at Walmart.

That being said, enjoy your shopping trips to Walmart this summer.  And if you're one of those rude people, do the world a favor and mind your own.

Brittani Laws Writing

Friday, June 3, 2016

Happiness in Small Doses

When I was in college one of my good friends told me something that never went away.  They told me happiness comes in small doses, a cigarette, a beer, a cookie.  And I think that is true.  Things go wrong all the time it's the small things in life that is happiness.  The small things make up the bigger picture more then the  bad things.  I've wanted to do a fairy garden forever but never did.  This year I bought the plants I wanted to go into a fairy garden and they sat around for months.  Finally, I went to the store and looked around and bought some prices to go into my pot.  Even though it didn't end up being a fairy garden I'm very happy with how it turned out.  It is one of my small doses of happiness because sometimes happiness is in a garden.  

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The First Day of June 2016

Hello Again,

I know it has been a while (again). however for me it feels like it was just yesterday.  I changed the layout for the blog up a little bit.  I'm not sure exactly how well everyone is going to like it but I like it so I think I am going to keep it either way.  Once when I worked for retail one of my good friends and managers told me, "Brittani, you got this, you have to quit second guessing yourself.  So here's to no second guessing.

This month I am slowing back down.  It is crazy how you can say I'm slowing back down and then find yourself rushing to do the things that you intended to help slow you down, isn't it.  Anyways, back on subject, I am slowing back down some and am going to try and set myself some goals.  I thought I would share them with you guys.

1) Spend more time personally with God. (One way I am going to spend more time with GOD is this Lifeway Calendar Link)
2) Actually finish a knitting piece I am working on. (A good place to find great knitting projects is Raverly, but beware you will begin many and finsih less).
3) Learn a 5th song on guitar (google Tab Pro, I have a lifetime membership).
4) Start my French course  (Rosetta Stone).
5) Start and Finish a book (I will let you know when I choose one). 
6) Bloody Blog more often (Incase you don't know where you are at Brittani Laws Writing).
7) Remember it is okay to Add more goals and okay if  I do Not complete all goals.  This goal was important because 7 is a good number to end on.  

Okay,  so far so good.   And these are my personal goals.  I have accomplished a whole lot this year and always find doing and learning new things FANTASTIC.  Since one of my goals is to blog more often hopefully you will hear more from me here lately.  Who knows. right.

Brittani Laws Writing