Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Week 1 (Halloween Book 1)

Hey everyone,

Back in my goals I told everyone,
"I still however plan on reading at least one Halloween book every week in the month of October."

This week I am going to read "The Halloween Tree" by Ray Bradbury.  Which you can buy off of Amazon on sale right now.  I got my paperback copy(prime) for $4.55.

I choose this book from the Best Halloween Books off Goodreads.  It was the very first book on the list.  Since I enjoy this list so much I will probably be getting all my Halloween Titles I read this month from this, unless another catches my attention.

Some of my books will probably be kid books while other ones will be adult.  If you really want to know which is which you will have to look up online because either is fine me.  I do believe I have seen this movie, just never read the book so I am looking forward to it.

I have already choose the book I am going to read after this one, which will be Neil Gaiman's "The Graveyard Book," which can also be purchased off Amazon cheaply.  I just got my paperback copy for $8.19 after tax.

Now for the fun.

Book One, Week One, "The Halloween Tree," by Ray Bradbury.  Begin:October 5, 2016


Brittani Laws Writing

Goals for October 2016

Hey everyone,

I know I am a little bit late on here but I do plan on posting more this month than I did last month.  Last month I kind of edged off, no excuse really other then I did.  This month however, plan to get a little bit more finished.

Firstly, well come up with some goals.  Goals are good :)

Goal 1: Begin a new Bible Study:
And I do plan on beginning one this month.  I decided to follow Time Warp Wife(30 Days of Gratitude) beginning on October 17 and running through Novemeber 12.  So if you would like to also follow alone with the Bible Study you have sometime to look at the resources on her page.  She is fantastic at online group studies and would definitely recommend it. 

Goal 2: Read a new book every week
I did finish Suzanne Collin's last book "Mockingjay" the other day, making me finished with this series.    

"The Hunger Games"
Began: September 9, 2016
Finish: September 15, 2016

"Catching Fire,"
Began: September 19, 2016
Finished September 24, 2016

Began: September 26, 2016
Finished:October 3, 2016

I still however plan on reading at least one Halloween book every week in the month of October (which I will give you details in another entry). 

Goal 3: 
Write a short story every week for submission (will not be posted online). 

Goal 4:
Learn something new. 

Goal 5: 
Go somewhere new.  (Already did this, will post about later). 

Goal 6: 
Carve a pumpkin :) who wouldn't make this a goal for October.

This is all the goals I can think of right now for October for the moment if I come up with anymore I will make sure to post them.

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In the meantime keep checking for more post by me because I plan on posting much more.

Brittani Laws Writing

Monday, October 3, 2016

Overview Of September 2016

Hey everyone,

Here is a final update of September goals.  Even though it looks almost the same as the one before if you keep reading on you will see it is a different update I just left the book picture of "Me before You," and basic outline structure the same.

Here it is though,
September 2016 final update.

Goal 1: Start a Bible Study

I did indeed Finish a fantastic Bible Study called A Virtuous Life and is by Time Warp Wife.  If you haven't heard of her you should most certainly check out her blog which has many Bible Study's and free resources alone with some really neat things she has to offer on Amazon.

Being accountable and pursuing everyday even on the nights I feel like I didn't have time and the times I wanted to do something else I feel in the end the time I spent on my relationship with Jesus was exactly what I wanted to do despite my excuses.  This was a very nice Bible Study to begin digging deeper into the word of God.  I enjoyed it. 

Goal 2: Finish a book.  

Technically I just did this very thing today(Sep 1, "Me Before You") so this goal was already finished.  

Goal 3: Finish another book.

I not only finished one more book for the month of September I finished 2 more books.  

Suzanne Collins "The Hunger Games" from her series "The Hunger Games," is just fabulous.  If I hadn't been too busy grownuping I would have been done even sooner.  Easy to read words, simple structure, well imagined plot line and keeps you wanting to read.  Began: September 9, 2016
Finish: September 15, 2016

Suzanne Collins, "Catching Fire," book 2 from "The Hunger Games" was also fabulous, simple book to pick up and read when you have a moment.  Began: September 19 Finished September 24.   

I did began Book 3 but I will put updates on it for October because I haven't completed it yet.  Confession, haven't even picked it up these last 2 days.  Not because it isn't good because I have been playing the busy card. 

Goal 4: Finish a knitting project.
I have not begun any nor have I finished any.  Even though I am keeping this as a goal I have very bad wrist and will probably not be listing this as a goal goal anymore.  Just more of a "keep in the back of my head" type goal.  I would love to show you a finished piece but my wrist are just giving too hard of a time here lately.  Maybe soon they will stop hurting so bad...hopefully. 

Goal 5: Write a short story.
I have not written any short story but I have wrote some.  Like my post, "The Mother I Want to Be (for my son Levi)."  Plus I have more things I am also working on.  I do want to write a new short story though.  I did do my one Blog, Candy Corn (How I became a Vampire), but this was meant more of a humorous short thing not really an actually short story.  All in all I would say I did not complete this goal.

Goal 6: Learn something new.
I learn a lot new in my Bible Study everyday.  No new skill yet though.  I thought about learning to crochet instead of just talk about it.   

However, I didn't learn anything really new new this month.  

Goal 7: Go somewhere new.

Unfortunately I have not got out to anywhere new yet but I will soon hopefully.  I do have somewhere nearby I want to go I have never been to before :) so hopefully soon. 

So there there is an overview of my September goals and the ones I finished and did not finish.  

Brittani Laws Writing