Saturday, September 10, 2016

Candy Corn (How I became a Vampire)

Good Evening,

So it all started when I had to take my sister and her friend to get food one day.  I was so thirsty and needed to get water so bad so we stopped by the local gas station so I could buy me a delicious cold bottled water.  

Dehydrated and near to death while waiting in line that went on forever and never stopped I noticed the neatly stacked bags of candy corn beside the front desk.  

Rejuvenated from excitement I picked on up and sat it beside my water in my arms.  After this moment the line went very fast. 

I decided to wait to open the mouth watering candy corn until I got home and drank the bottled water while taking them to stuff their face with fast food junk.  

Finally, after much waiting I was home and opened my bad of candy corn.  There is nothing like the soft sugary goodness of biting into your first candy corn of the season. It is a savory moment.  After that, things begin to become more complicated. 

I noticed the candy was become more and more better with every bite I took.  I was sucking the life out of every peice I came across.  And that's when it happened, my destiny, right there, in front of my thirsty mouth, two perfect candy corn fangs places specially in this bag that was there for me to pick up.  I know it was no coincidence.

So I did what any normal candy corner would do, I picked up my prize and became a Candy Corn Vampire.

I had turned into the monster I knew had always been there.  There was no stopping me.  I was a beast in the night with a purpose.  To kill every candy corn in existence.  I needed more and more sugar, there was no stopping me until...

Yes, the candy corn fangs were melting and had to be destroyed.  

Sugar teethed and thirsty I drank some water and brushed the orange sugar stains from me delicate teeth, leaving only a. I've white tint with no trace of all the pure sugar lives I had taken that night.  

I learned a lesson that night.  Never underestimate the power of candy corn and what it can turn you into. 

And Happy Early Halloween :)

Brittani Laws Writing 

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