Saturday, September 10, 2016

September 10, 2016

Possible Goals for this month update. 

Goal 1: Start a Bible Study
I did indeed begin a fantastic Bible Study on Septemeber 1 and have been doing it everyday this month so far.  It is called A Virtuous Life and is by Time Warp Wife.  If you haven't heard of her you should most certainly check out her blog which has many Bible Study's and free resources alone with some really neat things she has to offer on Amazon.

Goal 2: Finish a book.  Technically I just did this very thing today(Sep 1) so this goal is already finished. 

Goal 3: Finish another book.

Though I started one book last month and finished it on the 1st day of this month making it where I finished a book this month I did start a new book on September 9,2016.   

Since I just finally watched the last Hunger Game movie making it so I have seen all the movies I realized I needed to read all the books for  Suzanne Collins series "The Hunger Games." 

I have not read any of these books and am currently very excited about reading them. 

I ordered me a cool foil box set on Amazon that was on sell.  It is paperback but they are beautiful books(pictures included).

Goal 4: Finish a knitting project.
I have not begun any nor have I finished any. 

Goal 5: Write a short story.
I have not written any short story but I have wrote some.  Like my post, "The Mother I Want to Be (for my son Levi)."  Plus I have more things I am also working on.  I do want to write a new short story though.

Goal 6: Learn something new.
I learn a lot new in my Bible Study everyday.  No new skill yet though.  I thought about learning to crochet instead of just talk about it.   

Goal 7: Go somewhere new.

Unfortunately I have not got out to anywhere new yet but I will soon hopefully.  I do have somewhere nearby I want to go I have never been to before :) so hopefully soon. 

So there they are.  My September goals and where they are at one the 10th.  I still have a lot more I want to do this month and know I stay busy but hopefully soon I will get even more done.

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