Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Mother I Want to Be (for my son Levi)


Luke 12:11-32, The Prodigal Son.  If you haven't read this parable it is certainly one to read.  It is about this man who has 2 sons.  One of his sons ask for his inheritance early and then left, using it all until there was none.  He then out of desperation persuaded employment feeding swine, where he too ate the swine's food.  Hungry and desperate he remembers his Father who has many servants.  He decided he would go to his Father and tell him of his wrong and ask to be His servant.

When the boy was coming back his Father saw his from afar and had compassion and ran and kissed the boy.  The boy told his Father of his sin and that he was no longer worthy to be called his son.  Before the boy could finish(asking his Father to be a servant) his Father called for a servant to bring the best robe and put it on the boy, and a ring to put on the boy, and shoes for the boys feet.  And to bring a fat calf and to kill it so they could eat and be merry.

And the Father said,
"For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found.  And they began to be merry."
~Luke 15:24~

The parable continues after this with the other son coming in and being angry and not understanding why the Father would just let his brother come back home and the Father explaining to him that he never left and all he had was his but his brother did leave and is now found again but 15:24 is where I am stopping for this.

I am not saying that my son is going to leave home and waste everything he has.  I am using this to show the kind of mother I want to be because I want to be the kind of mother that the Father is in this story,

No matter where life takes my son I want to be there waiting for him.  I don't want to be waiting to tell him how all he does is wrong or that I disagree with all he is doing with his life.  I don't want to tell him that I am always right and he is always wrong.

I want to be the kind of mother that everytime I see him coming back home I shout, "Welcome home son!"

I want to be there to guide him and offer him anything I can help him with.  I want to be a place he knows he can come to for shelter.  I was to feed him and be merry.  I want to love him and guide him with the love of Jesus and not with my judgement of his every wrong doing.

I want to be a mother who loves her son like Jesus loves me, where all is forgiven and the only thing left is to welcome my child home.

And though I am not perfect I hope my son and I can always be patient and forgiving with one another.  Reminding the other that we are only human and we only get to see each other here on this earth for a short amount of time.  I hope we can love each other and remind each other to love and not judge.  No matter where life takes my son I want him to say, "I love my mom and am glad she was my mother."

Brittani Laws Writing, A Mother's hope

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