Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday February 24, 2016


I hope everyone is having a good day today.  I know I have had a great day(thanks for asking).

I would give you a vague list of every event that happened to me today but you would probably get tired of reading this thing and I would probably get sick of typing it.  Very graciously, I am going to only give you my highlights of my day so we are both spared such misery.  You're welcome.

Firstly(that is event #1),
I won the, "Impossible Question of the Day" today!  For those of you who are completely in the dark of what the "Impossible Question of the Day," is, let me shed some light on the subject.  Statesville has this really great radio station on 550AM & 92.9 FM named Country Legends* and in the mornings they ask you this really interesting question that is sometimes tricky to get.  This morning I called and got the question correct.  Really cool of course.  I am receiving a prize via mail.  I can't wait for it to show up.  If it's something really cool I might even post on here about it.

Next(that is event #2),
Later on this morning when I had to go to the Gas Station and since I went to Sheetz I looked around some like normally.  Now I have bought and looked at many magazines trough out the years but today I bought and looked at a magazine (*coughs) that I have never actually bought or looked at before.  The magazine I am referring to would be the March 2016 Playboy magazine.  Why, well for one, because I can.  That being said another reason why is because Playboy's recent decision of..."censoring" their magazines.  I mean it is kinda neat to posses a copy of something so unique.  For you who have never purchased a Playboy before they have words in them, not just pictures.  I was pleased to discover the many well written articles that covers many of the pages of the magazine with many words and no pictures.  It seems to be a well balanced magazine with interesting point of views.  In which I am all for.  I guess I can add this magazine with the many other one's I like to read(like "Poets and Writers," "The Sun Magazine," "Writer's Digest," "Our State," knitting magazines and "National Geographic".)

Last("but not lest" that is event #3),
I got Lemonade.  It is really good.  Over a gallon.  I can't wait to drink it.

All this being said I guess that is all I have to say right now and I will end my blog 2 of 2016.

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