Thursday, March 24, 2016

Late Night March 24, 2016

Hello Everyone,

It is 10;59 p.m.  I am going to say it is 11 because by the time I am finished typing this sentence it probably will be.  Today is one of the last days I am going to be 24.  Probably not a big deal to most of you guys but to me it is.  People become older every second of everyday so it doesn't seem like a big deal.  However, the person who is turning older it is a big deal to them.  Happy birthday to any of you guys out there I missed telling by the way.  You're birthday is important to me.  Without it I would have never met you and I am positive that I am very glad to have met you.

That being said on March 26 I will be turning 25.  It seems like such a small number.  It is a quarter of a century though and since many don't century I do intend to take care of my young life.  I have taken the time to reflect on what in life I have done, all then many things I have enjoyed and if there were any regrets.  Every year I find myself creating this list of things to accomplish and I seem to accomplish so much, some of the list and somethings I would have never dreamed I could do, but every year I also find myself thinking about what I haven't accomplished and how much more there is I want to do.

Thinking is hard sometimes.  You have to find this healthy balance of concentrating of what is going on in the moment so you don't miss, what you want to accomplish can you can begin to accomplish and not over obsessing with things you want and haven't done and figuring out what you can live with if it never happens.  Most people  I have found give up.  They just lay in bed and day dream about what they can and want to do but never have the courage to actually take a chance.  Which is fine if you do it because you are happy and content with your life but so many people are not happy and they use that for an excuse to not do what they want because it is hard.  Playing coulda shoulda woulda ones life seems so dreadful and unbearable.

Right now I think I am at this point of being content.  I am happy with what I have accomplished and in the moment of my life I am in.  Though there is still plenty I want to do I think I can happily say I am happy with my life.  I have managed to meet so many amazing people and have done so many amazing things and am not even 25 yet.  Just this year (since New Years 2016) I was making out a list of things I have done and came up with this;

1)I learned useful skills in knitting (How to do simple decreases, right twist, slip stitch, and left twist. 2) Learned how to sew knitting blocks together into a bigger piece.
3) Made my fist knitted hand towel
4) Finished complete seasons 1-8 of Doctor Who (and managed to get highly addicted.  Really need to watch Season 9.)
5) Watched Complete Torchwood Series (was sad it was put off air before finishing up.)
6) Bought my first Playboy magazine
7) Won a Radio Contest
8) Have started learning Ukulele
9) Begin learning guitar and played through first song.
10) Learned to read tabs (guitar)
11) Made my third knitted wash cloth
12) Paid off my firs shed

And many little things that mean a lot to me and have plans on accomplishing so much more this next year.  I just want to keep adding to my list and make it huge by the end of the year.  That being said I think it is way past my bedtime.  Want to get up and see my last Sunrise of 24 tomorrow and wouldn't dream of missing tomorrow's sunset either.

Brittani Laws Writing

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