Saturday, March 26, 2016

March 26, 2016 "People Treat Me Different"


Have you ever watched Lilo and Stitch?

There is this one scene.  Lilo and Nani(Lilo's older sister) just argue and Nani comes in and tries to see if she's okay.  Nani is holding Lilo on the bed and Lilo tells her she hit and bit Myrtle(a mean peer who always bullies Lilo).  Right as Nani is about to tell her she shouldn't do that Lilo chimes in and says, "People treat me different."

This part in the movie I always remembered.  I think this part right here I don't see Lilo I see myself.  People treat me different.  I wonder if everyone feels this way.  Maybe we all have that sense of not fitting in and thinking maybe people treat us different or if maybe there is this group of people like me that just don't quit fit in with everyone else.  That we're just a little bit different and people can't help but to notice it.

I missed the sunrise this morning but I did get to see my last one as 24 yesterday.  I missed this sunset yet yesterday but maybe that's okay.  Maybe a sunrise yesterday and a sunset today is better.  It is kinda like a what was getting one last day and setting a new what is today.

I think the more I realize that, "People treat me different," the more happy I am with myself.  Because people who don't get treated different don't get a friend alien from outer space and get to ride in rocket ships do they?

As for being 25, I can't say I feel any older or any different.  I just feel the need to live.  I was to climb mountains, swim oceans, maybe write a story, forgive and love.  No sky diving though, I think I can live with myself if I never sky dive.


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