Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Happiness in Small Doses: Gnome Garden Update

In the little over a month I have had my gnome garden all I can say is wow.  Most of my little flowers didn't have very strong roots and died out.  A couple survived.  The few that didn't die out because of bad roots died out because of how massive my little bushes got.  The grew huge so quickly. 

Here a picture of it now.  You can see the colorful ones I was talking about that didn't die and you can see the ones that did.  You can also see how big the bushes got compare to before.  

I'm going to take out my gnome decorations and replant my plants somewhere they will be happy.  Then I will plant up a new gnome garden.  It is like the Garden Answers lady on YouTube always says(Garden Answers is a great channel by the way) about unfortunately these gardens are only temporary. 

I'm looking forward to recreating a new little garden though. 


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