Saturday, July 30, 2016

You got this.

Hey everyone,

It is getting late and my thoughts are all jumbley and on top of one another as they normally get at night.  I make an attempt not to talk to anyone after 8 o clock unless they live with me because I become very writer and strange.  Vampires don't come out at night, writer's do.  Anyways off topic.

I wanted to talk about something a thought that streamed across my mind.

I use to work in retail, with the people, and though I loved my job it was pretty simple, hard work, but simple.  The same thing everyday.  I was comfortable where I was.  I wouldn't say I was afraid of change just settled.  One day we were up front and this wonderful wonderful manager said something to me when she was teaching me something new that I wasn't use to.  She said, "Brittani, you got this.  You have to quit second guessing yourself and just do it because you got it."

This made me think.  She was right though.  I did have it.  I applied that to more then just my work environment.  Now, a year or so later I think about that when I start to second guess myself too much. "I've got this" has helped me remove obstacles trying to stop me from accomplishing new things in my life and keep me trying new things.  I am not afraid to settle in things that need to be settled and move in areas that can be moved.

Remember, at times when you are full of reason, whoever you are, You got this.  Don't worry, because you got it.

Brittani Laws Writing

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