Sunday, July 31, 2016

Chat Snap Part 9

Hey guys, 

So here are some more Chat Snaps from Snap Chat. I know it says it in the bottom corner but to make these colleges I am using pic collage which is a fantastic app to edit pictures with.  It love using it.  Just in case anyone was looking for an awesome picture editing app.  

That being said, back to the Chat Snaps. 

If you pay close attention sometimes when I'm wearing one of my shirts with my joker girl on it Snap Chat recognizes her as a face too.  I always think it is fantastic. 

I think I make a pretty sexy guy if I do say so myself.  Call me ladies lmao :) 

This one had a bunch of great Snap Chats.  I don't mean great like, "oh I'm so pretty, I mean great as in what they did to edit the photo.  The space alien, the coke sponsor, the unicorn, big blue eyes that really made me want to pull out my copy of Big Eyes, and the police man.  Just was a lot of fun to make a collage out of. 

Anyways, everyone have a good day.  This was the last Chat Snap of the month.  Might try to get a last post in for the month too.  


*All Chat Snaps are taken with the Snap Chat App.  In which I highly recommend as a great fun app to get and interact with family and friends. 

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