Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 14, 2016

Hey guys,
So if you remember last month at the very beginning of June I set some goals and never updated on them.  In case you missed them here they are and their updates(black and yellow).  

1) Spend more time personally with God. (One way I am going to spend more time with GOD is this Lifeway Calendar Link)
I did get to spend some personal time with God.  Which is good and personal.  
2) Actually finish a knitting piece I am working on. (A good place to find great knitting projects
is Raverly, but beware you will begin many and finsih less).
I tired to do this actually.  I have bad wrist and had to keep stopping because my wrist.  
3) Learn a 5th song on guitar (google Tab Pro, I have a lifetime membership).
June, I didn't learn a new song.  I did however learn a new song this month.  Oh how I missed my guitar. 
4) Start my French course  (Rosetta Stone).
Again, didn't happen last month but I did actually start my French this week.  Rosetta Stone is interesting and I am trying to figure out if I like it or not. 
5) Start and Finish a book (I will let you know when I choose one). 
Great intentions.  Haha I didn't even pick up a book in June, or July for that matter.  I really need to.  It isn't my fault.  Doctor Who is on amazon and though I have already seen it I'm gearing up for any new season...or I just love it so much I'm rewatching it. 
6) Bloody Blog more often (Incase you don't know where you are at Brittani Laws Writing).
I did blog more in June but not nearly as much as I wanted to. I did do a few blogs(like 4).  This month however I have been doing pretty decent.  I know I haven't blogged blogged much but if you guys are like me you probably like things you can see in a few seconds then reading an auto biography anyways so I am sure you don't mind.  Plus, this month I've been having fun and doing different things.  
7) Remember it is okay to Add more goals and okay if  I do Not complete all goals.  This goal was important because 7 is a good number to end on.  

Sorry, no goals this month.  I'm just kinda being chill and again, trying out some new things.  Mostly having fun and living.  Which is always good.

Brittani Laws Writing   

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