Friday, August 5, 2016

Another Storm

Hello everyone,

It is about 7:24p.m. my time, the sun is partly out and it is storming like crazy.  Pouring rain, thunder and lightening.  My cat and her kittens came up on my front porch so they wouldn't get wet.  There is something about a storm, especially while the sun is still up, that is so beautiful.

I imagine somewhere someone is saying, "look a rainbow."  Rainbows are like the original, "Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass, but it's learning to dance in the rain."  I wish I knew who to give proper credit to for this quote because I see it everywhere but most the time it is followed with an author unknown.  Rainbows are so pure and they hold truth and promise.

I know I keep posting all this happy nonsense everyday but life really is too short to not be happy.  To obese over every small detail.  Sometimes it is spontaneous.  Storms come out of no where and they are so exhilarating and over powering all you can do is dance in the rain.  Though the option of coward-ing in your house is always there you just don't want to miss a second of how amazing this point in time is in your house.

I'm not saying to go out in the middle of a lightening storm and play target.  Stay safe.  I'm being metaphoric so to speak.

Rain hydrates and gives so much life to everything it falls on.  It grows up nature tall and strong.  Sometimes that is what storms do as you dance in them.  They make you grow up and make you strong.  It's like building character you never knew you were lacking.

Welcome the warm rain and let the cold rain help you grow.

Brittani Laws Writing

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