Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Chat Snap Part 11

Hey everyone, 

So I have the awesome pixel looking sun glasses saying don't mess with me.  
Then I have the bow tie because bow ties are cool.  
Finally, the hair. 
I know I look great. 
Thank you thank you :) jk not really haha

I'm wanted...dead or alive. (I'm not where you can hear.  If you were near me you would know I just screamed out them lyrics.) 

And finally we have; 

I made myself awesome Tardis Blue hair :) 
And raggedy ann hair too.  
I'm loving the butterflies though. 
Butterflies are the best. 


*All Chat Snaps are taken with the Snap Chat App.  In which I highly recommend as a great fun app to get and interact with family and friends.

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