Friday, August 5, 2016

Chat Snap Part 14

Good Afternoon Everyone,
Hope you guys had a a good morning.  It's time again for Chat Snaps.  

I got to this Callage just in time for the Movie :) 
Just a side note, I loved Quinn before she popular. 
I remember going to work and people would know who the Joker was on my shirt and have no idea who Harley was. 
I love how now I'm a fan girl when before I was just strange lmao 
Boy how times have changed. 

I waited for my letter.  I am not a witch.  But I do make a very sexy Harry Potter wannabe lmao.  Remind me to tel you guys a story about me waiting on my letter.  I have one I think you guys will love. 

I will be back.  

Seriously though, I will be back to blog lmao.  

Anyways, off to lunch.  Talk to you guys later. 


*All Chat Snaps are taken with the Snap Chat App.  In which I highly recommend as a great fun app to get and interact with family and friends.

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