Friday, November 23, 2012

Concluding My 7 Days of Giving Thanks

       Constantly I think about writing.  Whether I am thinking about writing something that would send a good message or just be entertaining I am thinking about writing it down.  I really wanted to do this piece on My 7 Days of Giving Thanks but the thought of having to write something everyday and having barley anytime to check it for grammatical/spelling/and(or) typos terrified me.  Though with much swallowed fear I want on and have it a go.
       I must say I did learn more than I thought I would this last week.  I thought about things I was thankful for and took for granite.  I gained an appreciation for learning how to use the internet to communicate my writing with people.  I began to learn how to grow an audience.  Most importantly, I grew a stronger relationship with God.
       All in all, this past week was a great learning experience and I can’t wait to look back on it years later and think about when I was writing this now.  If I hadn't of decided to go ahead and go for it, I might would have never learned anything new.  I might would have never posted anything else on this blog for months to come.  So if today was another day of being thankful I would be thankful I had the courage to do this blog.

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