Thursday, November 15, 2012

An Introduction to My 7 Days of Giving Thanks 2012

An Introduction to My 7 Days of Giving Thanks 2012
This year on November 1st my mind was completely blown when I checked my Facebook.  Posted on many of the ladies(and a few girls) timelines was a status update explaining about Day 1 of their “30 Days of Thanksgiving.”   Most of these post spoke about something they were thankful about that day.
After easily figuring out that “30 Days of Thanksgiving,” was posting something I was thankful about everyday for the whole month of November my first thought was, “Wow! What a great idea!”  Of course, with much excitement, I joyfully leaped on the band wagon and posted a status update on Facebook to begin my, “30 Days of Thanksgiving.”
When I was finished posting my first, “I’m thankful for…” I begin to brainstorm and dream about what thankful situation would reach my heart(or mind)the next day so I could post it up for everyone to see.  Though wrong to boast I couldn't help but think, “What fun!” and eagerly awaited to see who would comment and/or like my post.  I kept the thought of, “I’m not really boasting, I am doing this to show publicly how I am thankful,” on the top of my mind.  I knew though that only half of my intentions were this humble while the other half was purely vain.  
As the month progressed, I got busy(and lazy) so I didn't get on Facebook everyday and at times ended up grouping 3 day’s of my, “I am thankful fors…” into one status update.  Though with good intentions to be thankful and show it publicly all November as time passed I fell back into old routine.  Even with the promise of comments and likes I did not have the time to be thankful everyday for a month and posting it publicly wasn't enough to keep me accountable.
My month of Thanksgiving had so easily and quickly lost most of its meaning.  I could not even take time out of everyday to find something I was thankful for to post publicly let alone post something publicly while being fully humble.  Sitting down I thought about how I could turn this experience into a positive one.  One that others and I could learn from.
After much though I decided I should do a blog.  My logic was if I do an Introduction 8 days before Thanksgiving and then spend the next 7 days truly being thankful I could kill two birds with one stone(though this was probably not the best phrase to pair with being thankful).  Not only do I enjoy writing but it is meant to be seen and commented on by people.  This would allow me to be less boastful when publicly posting what I am thankful for while spending true quality time being completely thankful.
I want to make these next 7 days really count.  I don’t want them to be rituals or half hearted but for me to truly learn something about what it means to be thankful.  My goal for the next 7 Days is to be truly thankful and to find situations to show I am thankful so at the end of the day I can post these situations on my blog here for you guys to read.
~Brittani Laws~

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