Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 3 of My 7 Days of Giving Thanks 2012

I don’t find it too hard to be thankful most of the time.  However, I do find it hard to choose only one thing I am thankful for.  Tonight, I had to pray and I waited until God put a main focus on my heart.  Today, Day 3 of My 7 Days of Giving Thanks, I am thankful for my son.
I love being a mom.  Early morning I wake up beside a (loud) smiling face cooing and laughing.  Little hands smack at my arm telling me it is time to get up.  I give him morning hugs and kisses.  Then I change his diaper and give him more hugs and kisses.  We talk to each other.  He answers me in grins and laughs.  Each one more blissful than the next.  I fix him breakfast and he chimes, “num num” in approval.  We play together and watch movies.  At night, he lays beside me drinking a bottle of milk until he falls asleep.
How beautiful it is to have such a charming son.  He is truly one of the biggest blessing ever given to me.  I am so thankful to be this little boys mommy.  I love you my Little Baby <3

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