Monday, November 14, 2016

Remembering to Be Thankful Day 14

Hello Everyone,

The first 3 days I expressed my thankfulness for God, Day 4 I expressed my thankfulness for my son, Day 5 I expressed my thankfulness for my family, Day 6 I expressed my thankfulness for my friends, Day 7 I expressed my thankfulness for my church, Monticello Baptist Church, Day 8 I expressed my thankfulness for my job, Day 9 I expressed thankfulness for my house, Day 10 I expressed thankfulness for my car, Day 11 I expressed thankfulness for Veterans, Day 12 I expressed my thankfulness for prayer and Day 13 I expressed my thankfulness for The Southern Christmas Show. 

Today, on my 14th Day of Remembering to Be Thankful I would like to express my Thankfulness for Reading.

I enjoyed the joy of reading at a very young age.  I remember before I even knew how to read my mommy reading to me.  There was something exciting about a good book.  How it would capture you and would drag you into its world.  Traveling to new worlds and meeting new people without ever even leaving your house.  It is something worth appreciating.

Words have so much power.  So make sure when you say them or read them they are the right words.

Brittani Laws Writing 

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