Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Remembering to Be Thankful Day 9

Hello Everyone,

The first 3 days I expressed my thankfulness for God, Day 4 I expressed my thankfulness for my son, Day 5 I expressed my thankfulness for my family, Day 6 I expressed my thankfulness for my friends, Day 7 I expressed my thankfulness for my church, Monticello Baptist Church and day 8 I expressed my thankfulness for my job.  

Picture taken 12/10/2015 (last year)

Today is a fun one, today I am thankful for my house.

My house is like my own personal hobbit hole.  It is not a hole and it is not in a ground but in fact my house, "it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort."*  It is my Bag End.  With all my family around it feels like a Shire.  Fantastic.

Taken this year, still working on other lights because some went out.

It is always nice to travel to see the elves or go on an adventure, but returning to my garden afterwards is wonderful.

It may not be much to many but it is mine and a lot to me.

Brittani Laws Writing 

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