Friday, November 25, 2016

Remembering to Be Thankful Day 25

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Day 25 of Rememebering to Be Thankful!  Hope everyone had a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

Today I would like to express my Thankfulness for Social Media.

I know alot of you are proabably like, "Ugh, why?"

Well for one you probably found this blog on a social media.  Isn't it fantastic how you can communicate with the world sitting at your house, in your car(not driving) , at the store or anywhere.

I am not saying not to have regular communication with people.  Travel and make friends.  That is great.  I am saying how great it is we are all connected at the touch of a button.  How it can help us love and appricate each other.  It is so fantastic.

Yes I am aware there are many problems on social media but I am also aware of all the good it can bring too.

The good is what I am thankful for.  Hope you have a good and safe Black Friday.

Brittani Laws Writing

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