Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Remembering to Be Thankful Full Recap

Hey everyone,

Last recap.

Day 1: God the Father
Day 2: God the Son
Day 3: God the Holy Spirit
Day 4: My Son
Day 5: My Family
Day 6: My Friends
Day 7: My church, Monticello Baptist Church
Day 8: My job
Day 9: My House
Day 10: My Car
Day 11: Veterans, Happy Veterans Day
Day 12: Prayer
Day 13:The Southern Christmas Show
Day 14: Reading
Day 15:Salvation Army
Day 16:Cooking
Day 17:My kitty cat Fluffy
Day 18:Tanglewood's Festivle of the Lights
Day 19: Selflessness
Day 20:Gladness and Joy
Day 21:Decorating
Day 22:Art
Day 23:Tithe
Day 24: Thanksgiving
Day 25:Social Media
Day 26:Mornings
Day 27:Music
Day 28:Disney
Day 29:Peace of God
Day 30: Everything

Hope everyone enjoyed this month.

Now time to hibernate.

Brittani Laws Writing

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